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Photograph of Oxana, a valued client of SearchFire Media.

Oxana Salon Dominates Salon Industry in Nashville, TN

Read our case study about a how a small business located in the heart of Nashville, TN, Oxana Salon went from page 17 on Google to #1 within one year.

The Challenge:

While Oxana Salon enjoyed a steady clientele and a growing reputation in Nashville, Oxana wanted to further elevate her brand's visibility and cater to clients seeking beauty solutions from the comfort of their own homes. Her aspiration was to develop a comprehensive e-commerce store where customers could easily browse and purchase the salon's high-quality beauty products.


Oxana Meade, the spirited and determined owner of Oxana Salon, has a compelling journey that effortlessly merges passion and ambition. A native of Moldova, she chose to follow her heart and left behind a promising career in Finance, along with a full-ride scholarship, to relocate to the U.S. in 2007. Oxana's fascination with hair styling, inspired by her father - the local hairdresser - led her to obtain licensure and to immerse herself completely in the world of hair aesthetics.

Oxana's devotion to providing exceptional customer service, curating exclusive hair formulas, and constantly advancing her professional education distinguishes her in the field. Her pursuit of knowledge has taken her across the globe, including a cutting course at the illustrious Vidal Sassoon Academy in London and certification from the Master Balayage Academy (MBA) in New York City. Oxana's remarkable experiences range from participating in Fashion Weeks in London and New York, leading the team as the Head Stylist at the FashionTV Eyewear launch in Paris, and offering her talents voluntarily to improve the lives of sex trafficking survivors.

Oxana Salon's journey began at Demonbreun Hill in Nashville, TN. Here, the salon flourished under Oxana's vision that every client deserves an individualized salon experience with a reliable stylist. Following its success, a second location was established in Brentwood, TN, widening Oxana's reach. Ultimately, the two locations were consolidated into a large, state-of-the-art salon on 8th Ave South in Nashville.

This consolidated salon serves as a testament to Oxana's dedication and commitment. It represents a unique blend of her vision, combining a personalized approach with a mastery of the latest hair trends. Here, a team of highly skilled stylists, proficient with all hair types, work diligently under Oxana's guidance, striving to deliver an exceptional salon experience for every client.

Oxana's expertise lies in creating natural-looking balayage styles for a diverse array of hair types and colors. She manages multiple clients simultaneously, maintaining an uncompromising standard of service. Her proficient team of assistants, performing tasks ranging from blowouts and shampoos to color application and hot-tool styling, are integral to the salon's smooth operation. Under Oxana's nurturing and encouraging leadership, they constantly strive to improve and expand their skill set, underlining Oxana's dedication to their professional growth.

Photograph of Oxana styling a client's hair in her salon.

In conclusion, Oxana Salon, under the leadership of Oxana Meade, is an embodiment of passion, commitment, and excellence in the hairstyling industry. Their focus on client satisfaction, continuous learning, and provision of exceptional service ensures that every visit transcends beyond just a salon appointment, creating a memorable experience and an Instagram-worthy look.


Website Revamp: Transform the existing website into a sophisticated, visually appealing platform that reflects Oxana Salon's unique brand identity and high-quality services. Prioritize intuitive navigation and incorporate detailed information about the salon, its services, and the founder Oxana herself.

  • Visual Content: Enhance the visual appeal of the website by integrating high-quality images and videos showcasing the salon's atmosphere, staff, services, and successful transformations.

  • Ecommerce Upgrade: Overhaul the current ecommerce store to be more visually appealing, user-friendly, and streamlined. This includes making booking services easy, secure, and quick, and displaying the salon's products in an organized, attractive manner.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Implement a robust SEO strategy aimed at improving the salon's Google ranking for relevant keywords. This includes conducting a keyword research to identify words and phrases that potential clients are likely to use when looking for services Oxana Salon provides, and integrating these keywords into the website's content, metadata, alt tags, and URL structures.

  • Local SEO: Utilize local SEO strategies to boost the salon's visibility in local search results, making it easier for potential clients in Nashville and Brentwood to find Oxana Salon when searching for local salons. This includes claiming and optimizing the salon's Google My Business listing, and encouraging clients to leave positive reviews.

  • Content Marketing: Regularly publish engaging, high-quality content (blog posts, articles, videos) that answers potential clients' questions and showcases Oxana Salon's expertise. This not only provides value to website visitors but also helps with SEO by positioning Oxana Salon as a reliable source of information.

Client at Oxana's Salon choosing Kerastase products from the product shelf.

Our Approach

As soon as we identified the challenges faced by Oxana Salon, we launched a comprehensive plan to transform her digital footprint.

Our first task was to completely revamp Oxana's website. Using our in-house team of skilled developers and graphic designers, we collaborated closely with Oxana to ensure the new design accurately reflected her brand – an embodiment of sophistication, elegance, and professionalism. Leveraging our expertise, we crafted a visually stunning, user-friendly website that perfectly mirrored Oxana Salon's ethos.

Oxana, meanwhile, reached out to her network of professional photographers, who provided us with a wealth of high-quality images and video content. These elements beautifully encapsulated the unique salon experience Oxana offers. The result was a website that wasn’t just informative but was also a visual delight, giving visitors an immersive tour of the transformative work performed at Oxana Salon.

Next, we shifted our focus to the ecommerce aspect of Oxana's brand. The previous online store was basic, lacked visual appeal, and wasn't user-friendly. Our ecommerce experts stepped in and transformed it into an intuitive, secure, and visually appealing platform optimized for mobile use. With a compelling website and a sophisticated ecommerce store in place, we turned our attention to the final but crucial piece of the puzzle: bolstering Oxana Salon's online visibility. Our team of SEO specialists got to work, conducting in-depth keyword research to identify what potential customers were searching for when looking for salons in Nashville and Brentwood. These keywords were integrated seamlessly into the website's content, meta tags, URLs, and alt tags.

To strengthen Oxana Salon's local SEO, we carefully updated the salon's Google My Business profile with detailed information and encouraged satisfied customers to leave reviews, significantly improving the salon's local SEO ranking. Staying on top of fresh, engaging content was vital, so we drew up a content schedule to ensure the website was regularly updated with new blog posts, articles, and videos, all deftly incorporating the identified keywords. Throughout the process, we used Google Analytics to monitor key metrics, helping us understand user interactions with the website and providing valuable insights to refine our strategy continuously. Concurrently, we kept an eye on Oxana's competitors, regularly comparing her website and SEO performance against theirs.

Our nuanced, comprehensive approach was driven by technical expertise, creativity, and an unflinching commitment to Oxana's vision. This resulted in a transformative journey that ultimately aimed to make Oxana Salon the number one result on Google for relevant search queries.

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Our collaboration with Oxana Salon was a striking example of the transformational power of a strategic digital revamp. This journey, from a modest, underrepresented online presence to a dominant force in the Nashville salon scene, was an intricate process. Nevertheless, through our detailed and focused approach, we achieved remarkable results.

The new website now serves as a genuine reflection of Oxana Salon's commitment to excellence, beauty, and exceptional service. Its aesthetic charm and intuitive user experience harmonize with the salon's ethos. The comprehensive SEO strategy and content creation plan have catapulted Oxana Salon to the forefront of anyone seeking superior salon services in Nashville and Brentwood. It is no longer just visible, but also the preferred choice, dominating search engine results and gaining substantial online traffic.

Moreover, the revitalized ecommerce platform is now an inviting, secure space for customers to explore and purchase Oxana Salon's exclusive product range. It is user-friendly, visually appealing, and designed for seamless navigation - promoting an increase in customer purchases and interaction.

Seeing Oxana Salon grow from an unseen entity in the vast digital landscape to the most sought-after salon in the area has been a rewarding experience. The real testament to our success is Oxana Meade's satisfaction and the significant growth her business has experienced. 

In conclusion, the success story of Oxana Salon underlines the importance of a well-planned and effectively executed digital strategy. No matter where a business may stand on its digital journey, with the right tactics and a dedicated partner, significant heights of success are within reach. And while our journey with Oxana Salon may have reached a satisfying conclusion, it has set a new beginning for the salon – one where it continues to flourish in the digital sphere.

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