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Building a PPC Ad campaign is simple, but maximizing the value of the campaign is hard work. SearchFire Media is designed to offer insights and value to marketing channels that all too often get overlooked by traditional analytics tools.
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Which means your ROI is:

This means you can expect this much revenue in return from your ad spend:

aka your deal value

How much do you expect to make from a closed deal?

Last, let's calculate the ROI you could expect to see if all goes according to plan:

aka your cost per click (CPC)

Based off your budget and goals, here's what you can afford per click:

aka your cost per lead (CPL)

Based off your budget and goals, here's what you can afford per lead:

Third, let's determine the costs associated with your new conversions goal and clicks goals to validate your budget:

aka your new monthly clicks goal

This means you need this many people to click on your ad and visit your website per month to hit your goal:

aka your visitor-to-lead (VTL) conversion rate

Of the total visitors who come to your website, how many become leads?

aka your new monthly conversions goal

This means you need to bring in this many leads per month to hit your goal:

aka your lead conversion rate (CVR)

Of the leads who come through your website, what percentage become customers?

Second, lets look at what volume of activity your ads need to create to achieve your new customers goal:

Total Budget Needed:

aka your customer acquisition cost (CAC)

How much are you willing to pay for each new customer?

What is your goal for new customers each month?

First, let's determine how much you are willing to spend:

The BLUE fields will auto-calculate your budget, goals, and ROI.

Enter your own goals and performance metrics in the blank fields.


PPC Ads ROI Calculator

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